Mini-Impe portraits are only available for delivery in South Africa
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Mini-Impe Portraits

Mini-Impe portraits capture moments in time in a very different and unique way through clay portraits. Much more so than a photo it will bring back your fond memories for many years to come, your wedding day, your favorite holiday, birth of a child, graduation day, your family with your extended pet family, you with your favorite car, good evening with friends etc. It also promises to bring back those memories with it being a definite discussion topic with friends and family visiting.

Price List

1. R120 per person
2. R60 per small pets. (Small dogs, cats, birds etc, and also newborn swaddled baby)
3. R120 per Large item and animal (cars, bicycles, motorcycles, wheelchairs, horses, large dogs etc)
4. R20 per small item (toys, blankets, balls, wine glasses, mobile phones etc)
5. R160 per frame white( frame size 30cm/30cm , 30cm /40 cm, 30cm/50 cm) The size of frame is determined by how many Impe’s you choose.


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