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How to order Mini-Impe’s

How to order your Mini-Impe’s Portrait

Mini-Impe portraits capture moments in time in a very different and unique way through 3D polymer clay portraits. Much more so than a photo it will bring back your fond memories for many years to come, your wedding day, your favorite holiday, birth of a child, graduation day, your family with your extended pet family, you with your favorite car, good evening with friends etc. It also promises to bring back those memories with it being a definite discussion topic with friends and family visiting.

How does it work

  • Ordering must please be done through the website. Click on the link at the bottom of this page to be redirected to the Mini-Impe’s page
  • Time to complete is dependent on the number of orders at hand, but please allow for approximately 5 months for your Impe’s to arrive. (It’s really important to place your order well in advance especially if it is for a special gift.)
  • Each portrait should be ordered separately so the system only allows one frame to be selected at a time
  • If you order more than portrait at the same time you can select the courier option for one and local pickup for the others as they will be couriered together.
  • Make your selection of people, small pets, large items/animals, small items (i.e. glasses, glass of wine, cell phone etc.) and remember the white frame
  • Click add to basket
  • Click view basket
  • If you are happy with your order select the appropriate shipping option
  • Click proceed to checkout
  • After you click on the proceed to checkout button you are redirected to a page to complete your “billing details” on the left of the page – please complete all the info requested and also maybe select create an account to save your details for future purposes. All the sections with a red asterisk (*) is compulsory to complete otherwise the system will not allow you to go on to the next step
  • On the right side of the page select the Payfast option
  • Also please select/click the “I have read and agree to the website terms and conditions”
  • Now click on place order
  • You will be redirected to Payfast to process your payment – please complete the payment
  • Thereafter you will receive a notification that your orders was processed successfully. I will receive the same notification
  • I will now send you an email requesting for reference pictures of the images you want so that I can build your Mini-Impe’s accordingly. I will also request you for the wording and or date you would like to have included.
  • I can also do animated backgrounds for you of the scenery if you prefer

Mini-Impe portraits are only available for delivery within South Africa at this stage.

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10 thoughts on “How to order Mini-Impe’s”

  1. Jonathan van Biljon

    Hi there.
    How does it work if I want to order an mini impes, how do I add the photo for the mini impes.

    1. Hi Jonathan, once the order is placed I will send you an email requesting for the reference photos as well as the wording you would like me to include.

      Kind regards

    1. Prices are per person yes. So if you want two people included it will be 2 x R190 (current price per person). Prices may change from time to time

      Kind regards
      Wendy’s Art

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