About the Artist

I studied in Bloemfontein where I became a teacher in 1998.

Although Art was one of my main subjects during university years, my love for painting and sketching had started from an early age.

While pencil have always been my favorite medium I had started to explore other mediums like acrylic, pastels, water and oil during my studies and refined those during my teaching days.

I spend 10 years teaching and had 2 boys, after which I lived in Nigeria for 5 years.
Lately, I have called Hartenbos home for the past 9years, raising my boys and creating my artworks.

I have done custom requests throughout my life and have also done numerous mural paintings for schools, concerts and private rooms.

After opening up my own Art studio a year ago I finally had more time to concentrate mostly on my own paintings.

The studio is not only my oasis, its a place where people of absolutely all ages can come and learn from me.

“Creating Art is truly my peace and calm and happiness.”